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The Winston Churchill School PTA 

plays an important role:

  • Raising money for fantastic facilities for the students

  • Running popular events such as the End of Year Prom

  • Liasing between Parents and the School

  • Organisation of fun events througout the year

The Winston Churchill School PTA is a registered Charity.

As such, we have formal minutes at the meetings and we have volunteers in the important positions of Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.

You can contact the committee directly via the Contacts section.

  • The purpose of The Winston Churchill School PTA is to:

  •  Develop extended relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the school

  • Engage in  activities that support and advance the education of pupils at the school

  • Provide and assist in the provision of facilities or items for education at the school (not provided by statutory funds) as the committee in consultation with the school may determine


  • Have a real influence on helping the school

  • Offer much needed help at organised events

  • Hold friendly WCSCA meeting! Once a term 

  • Help with the year 11 prom





WCSA Committee


WCSA is always looking for more people.

The more people helping the better. More heads equals more ideas. You don't have to attend a meeting to help!

WCSA is for all of us and it is for the benefit of all Winston Churchill pupils.

Some of the WCSA achievements and contributions include:

  • Help Support the very successful annual Year 11 Prom

  • Contributions of educational material and sports equipment


WCSA organises several fund raising events throughout the year. The WCSA will always need helpers at these events, such as helping out on the Refreshment stand during the regular Car Boot Sales.

Please contact us to offer some help.





WCSA successfully raises money for projects and services that really benefit the school and it's pupils.


Examples of where this money has gone can be seen below:



Sound Equipment Sky Pod                                                                K. Henderson Medals & Shields                                         £1,968                                            



Student Shelter                                                                           


Dance Mirrors


Astrodome base                                                                           


Drama lighting system                      


End of Term awards                                                                  


Medals & Shields 




WheelChairs (2) for the Main School and PE department


Refridgerator for the Office to keep required First Aid supplies




Sewing Machines for Art & Textiles.                                   


Various for catering (new GSCE Course)


Portable PA System for Music/Drama/Dance


Fixed PA system for Gym


Video Equipment for Drama


Convector Ovens (2) for Design Technology


Data Loggers for Science


Chemical Balances (3)


Other Science Equipment






1.  The name of the Association shall be The Winston Churchill School Parent      

     Teachers Association 


2.  Membership of the association shall be open to all parents and guardians of pupils

     attending the school. Teaching staff are considered as honorary members. Any    

     others interested in the school may be invited to become members.


3.  The object of the association is to advance the education of the pupils at the school by

     providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the school not    

     normally provided by the local education authority and as ancillary thereto and

     furtherance of this object the association may: -


  • foster more extended relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school; and

  • engage in activities which support the school and advance the

       education of the pupils attending it.


4.  The association shall be administered by the officers detailed in Rule 5

     and a Committee of not less than ten members. Eight members

     will form a Quorum.



5.  The Officers of the association shall be:


President:                    who shall be the head

Vice President (s):       one of whom shall be Deputy Head

Chairman       )             who shall be elected at the Annual General

Hon Secretary )            Meeting together with the minimum of ten

Hon Treasurer )           other Committee members.


6.  The Committee shall appoint from the elected members a Vice Chairman

     and an Assistant Hon Secretary. To replace members leaving the area and for other    

     purposes they shall have power to co-opt.


7.  Funds accruing from the activities of the Association shall be devoted

     wholly and solely to furthering the interests of the Association and the


8.  There will be no annual subscription.



9.  All funds of the Association shall be banked at Midland Bank PLC, Knaphill.

     If the Association benefits by withdrawal of these funds for investment in a deposit    

     account elsewhere, this may be done, provided withdrawals from the latter are first        returned to the account at Midland Bank PLC.


10. The Chairman, the Hon Secretary and the Hon Treasurer shall be  

      signatories on the Bank account. Any two of the three before mentioned 

      signatories shall be required on withdrawals.


11.  The Annual General Meeting shall be held early in the autumn term.


12.  No member of the Association shall incur any expense in the name of the      

      Association without the consent of the committee.


13.  All cases not provided for in these rules and any disputes shall be referred to the  

      committee, whose decision shall be binding on all members; subject, however, to

      appeal to the Annual General Meeting of the Association, or to an Extraordinary

      General Meeting which may be called at any time at the request of at least twelve

      members. In the event of any dispute arising as to the interpretation of any rule, the

      Chairman’s decision will be binding. On all other matters, the President’s decision

      will be final.


14. Alteration of rules can only be made at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special    

      Meeting of members called for this purpose but so that no alteration or amendment       shall be made to the objects clause or dissolution clause which would cause the    

      Association to cease to be a charity at law. Due notice of any alteration of rules must

      be submitted, in writing, to the secretary.


15.  Any assets remaining on Dissolution of the Association after satisfying any

       outstanding debts and liabilities shall not be distributed amongst the members of

       the Association but will be given to the school for the benefit of the children at the

       School in any manner which is exclusively charitable at law.







WCSA  Constitution
Winston Churchill School PTA, Prom, boot sale, fundraising